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Look Good
Feel Good
Do Well

Meet Marjorie Lightford: A true hair maestro, renowned Master Stylist, and certified color virtuoso. With an enchanting blend of artistic brilliance and transformative prowess, Marjorie weaves magic through her work. A trendsetter in every sense, she seamlessly fuses her imaginative flair with cutting-edge techniques, creating hair symphonies that captivate the senses.


From a young age, Marjorie's passion for hair was ignited by the intricate designs and vibrant hues of her grandmother's quilting books. This early fascination evolved into a captivating journey of creativity, where Marjorie's doll's hair became her canvas for masterpiece braids and stunning styles. Her destiny was sealed during her time at Vanderbilt University, where she effortlessly became the resident stylist, adorning classmates and sorority sisters with her artistry.


Embracing the timeless wisdom that declares, 'Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life,' Marjorie embarked on her hair odyssey after graduating. Since her debut as a Shampoo Technician in April 2012, she has tirelessly pursued her passion, crafting hair into her greatest masterpiece.


Marjorie's insatiable curiosity fuels her ongoing quest for excellence. She has honed her craft with prestigious accolades from Vidal Sasson, Redken, Pureology, Paul Mitchell, Softsheen Carson, and Deva Curl. Her mastery extends to the realm of color, where she holds a distinguished certification from Redken. Guided by geometry, light, and lifestyle, Marjorie transforms her clients into living works of art, sculpting personalized cuts and colors that mirror their unique essence.


Passionate about mental health advocacy, Marjorie's dedication to holistic well-being goes beyond the chair. A certified PsychoHairapist and trained peer supporter through BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective), she addresses the deeper needs of her clients, uplifting their spirits alongside their style.


Currently gracing Los Angeles as a freelance and celebrity hairstylist, Marjorie's artistry shines on both screen and everyday lives. Within the confines of her private studio, she conjures transformations that transcend mere appearances, echoing her mantra, 'Look Good. Feel Good. Do Well.' Behind the chair, she weaves her infectious positivity and open-minded spirit, transforming inner beauty into an exquisite external manifestation.


Marjorie's client dedication is matched only by her unwavering commitment to her craft. Her radiance sets her apart as a sought-after stylist, forever inspiring those fortunate enough to experience her touch. Step into Marjorie's world, where hair isn't just styled – it's an embodiment of joy, empowerment, and boundless creativity.


Redken Certified Colorist

Deva Curl Pintura Certified

Paul Mitchell The School/Nashville

Vidal Sassoon Academy/New York

Loreal Soft Sheen Carson Master Stylist

Human and Organizational Development/Vanderbilt University

 Corporate Strategy Minor/Vanderbilt University 



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